Machine Vision

To bring in enhanced productivity and yield rate, machine vision is usually phased in a smart factory toady. It requires ranges of domain knowhow to manage the communications between machine to machine (M2M) or human to machine, such as, HMI, image capturing, data computing, robotic control, fault finding, automation monitoring, data mining, environment inspection & surveillance, database management, after data applications and any necessary customization. Equipped with multiple I/O interface, such as 10GigE LAN, GigE LAN, IEEE 802.3at PoE+, USB 3.1/3.0, USB 2.0, IEEE 1394 and/ or BNC, performance-driven workstation-grade processor and chipset, optional multiple PCI/PCIe, Mini PCIe, SUMIT A, B or M.2 expansions, highly scalable, wide range power input supported, wide range operating temperature, industrial-grade trusted reliability, Vecow Embedded Systems are powerful machine vision engines for Industry 4.0 smart factories; Vecow Frame Grabbers enable additional flexible and cost-effective solutions for machine vision applications.

Equipped with performance-driven quad-core processors, PCI/PCIe/Mini PCIe expansions, highly scalable, and trusted reliability, Vecow's ECS-9200 GTX1050ECS-9700 GTX1050ECS-9055 series, ECS-9071 series, ECS-9200 series, ECS-9000 seriesECS-9700 series, RCS-9000 series, IVH-9000 series, EMBC-1000 series, SPC-3000/3500 seriesECS-8000 seriesECS-4000 series, ECS-7700/7800 series, ECS-7000 series, SPC-2000 series, RCS-7000 series, and ABP-2000 series fanless embedded systems are powerful engines for machine vision applications in Industry 4.0 intelligent factories. Additional Frame Grabbers, UE-1000 seriesPE-3000 seriesPE-2000 series and PE-1000 series, enable flexible and cost effective solutions for machine vision applications.